1606_atheistmorality_webbanner_400x225This solo episode looks at a handful of issues. We begin with an article by Herman Mehta who accuses a Christian author of calling all atheists immoral. Are they? Or do they have no standard by which they can ground the morality they want to affirm? By the way, I should have said, but didn’t on the show, that a denial of God is in itself an immoral act, but at the time I’ll confess I was thinking of civic life, not the spiritual life. From a spiritual perspective, atheism is always immoral and atheists are always immoral so long as they deny God. But they can be civically moral by secular legal standards. We also look at if religion is keeping abortion legal by ghettoizing the cause. To wrap it up, we look at the top 12 Bible stories and run a playoff to see which one reigns supreme. Don’t worry…I think they’re all great!

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